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    Julie Brown Workshop    

August 24, 2019

Julie Brown Workshop

Three classes with the delightful Julie Brown!

Where: Gwendolyn Bye Dance Center

3611 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104

When: Saturday, August 24, 2019

12:30pm to 4:30pm

Evening Dance

Come out for a night of dancing!

Where: Gwendolyn Bye Dance Center

3611 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104

When: Saturday, August 24, 2019

8:00pm to 1:00am

Julie Brown.jpg

Julie’s expressive dancing and dynamic connection are known throughout the blues dancing world. With a background in theatre and solo dance, and an undying desire for continued learning, she is best known for her solo movement, choreography, aesthetics, and killer follower expression.

A hard-working competitor, Julie has won or placed in many national competitions, including bluesSHOUT! 2018 All Star Strictly (2nd place), Blues Muse 2017 Follower Invitational(1st), North Star Blues 2017 Invitational Cuttin'(1st), bluesSHOUT! 2017 All Star Jack & Jill(1st), and more.

As a teacher, Julie is clear, thoughtful, and earnest. From advanced Struttin’ variations to beginner-friendly intros to lead-follow dynamics, Julie carefully crafts her classes and tailors her material to fit the crowd at hand. Julie has taught blues dancing in San Francisco, Seoul, Austin, Boston, London, Chicago, Zurich, and many places in between. She also teaches regularly in her home-base of Boston. For dance videos, pictures, and more info, check out

Class Descriptions

    Class Descriptions    

Solo Jams

12:30pm - 1:30pm


We'll work on expanding your solo blues repertoire and comfort, then have some fun some with solo jam circles!

Slow Drags

1:40pm - 2:40pm


Slow drag is a cozy, close embrace blues dance with lots of different variations, probably the most versatile of the blues dances! We'll start with an introduction to slow drag, then work on different variations of to different music styles.

Close Embrace Expression

2:50pm - 4:20pm

Building off of the last class, we'll work on several ways to express yourself in slow drag and other close embrace blues dancing, while still feeling cozy & connected to your partner. We'll end this class with an advanced-but-satisfying close embrace footwork styling!

Om Choudhary

    Evening Dance    

DJ'd Music by Om Choudhary


Om Choudhary began dancing blues in 2009 and teaching blues in 2013 in Pittsburgh. Om has also cherished his love for Bhangra dancing and folk Punjabi music for over 21 years. Devout to the blues music, Om loves to dance and DJ to his emotions, knowing that music is what feelings sound like. Om can be seen dancing, competing, and djing at various blues events nationally and recently placed first in the Pittsburgh DJ competition for Steel City Blues 2019.

and Marjorie Bartell


Marjorie is a Philadelphia native and has been DJing local Blues, Lindy, Soul, and Balboa events for over a year now. She has been dancing blue for around 3 years. Her true love is Ballroomin’ blues, but she has a fine appreciation for all blues genres.

Julie Brown Workshop 2019
Julie Brown Workshop 2019
Aug 24, 2019, 12:30 PM
Gwendolyn Bye Dance Center,
3611 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA
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