Classes are held each week before our dances from 8:30pm to 9:30pm!
We have two levels of classes each week: Fundamental Topics and Extended Topics. So, whether you are joining us for the first time or trying to improve your technique we hope you will find the dance instruction you are looking for!
Our supplemental options include private lessons with our instructors and our intermediate plus practicum
House of Dope.
   Weekly Classes   
Fundamental Topics


If you are new to blues dancing or want to brush up on your basics, fundamental topics are the classes for you. We cycle through 8 classes, you can jump into any class as your first and keep track of which ones you've attended with our class cards!

Class Cycle: Lag, Breakaway/Solo, Jukin' Musicality, Close Embrace, Traveling, Ballroomin' Musicality, Tension and Compression, and Turns

Extended Topics


If you have been blues dancing longer than 6 months and feel you have a solid grasp of the concepts below, please join us for the Extended Topics Lesson!


Concepts: Lag, Breakaway, Solo Dancing, Jukin', Close Embrace, Travelling, Ballroomin’, Tension and Compression, Turns, Musicality

  House of Dope  
Intermediate Plus Practicum


Do you feel your dancing has stagnated in our weekly classes? Do you want to dive deeper into the mechanics of Blues dancing and direct your own learning to have better social dances, prepare for exchanges and competitions, or improve your teaching?

House of Dope is the space for you!

House of Dope meets monthly based on participants availability. To join the mailing list for House of Dope you will have to audition at one of our feedback dances which we host on the fifth Tuesdays of a month.

Your next chance to audition will be July 30th, 2019!

See our audition form below:


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